God I would die! Totally reminds me of the Angels in “Blink” !!!

God I would die! Totally reminds me of the Angels in “Blink” !!!

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Reasons why I love Miranda


For the latter part of the year, we’ve had the running gag of playing Sherlock and Watson, myself Sherlock and herself Watson. I send the following text:

“Watson, this message is urgent. I require the photographs you took of the notes whilst in class today. Send them immediately if convenient. If inconvenient, send anyway. -SH”

Three seconds later I get a picture mail titled “*URGENT!*”


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So this girl came through my line with a homemade Doctor Who wallet

  • Me: Oh, I really like your wallet.
  • Her: Thank you! Guh, I can't wait till the fall.
  • Me: Uhg, yeah, I hear you.
  • Me: At least it's not as bad as the Sherlockers.
  • Her: Oh god. *hangs head*
  • Me: *Realizes she IS a Sherlocker*
  • Me: I'm so sorry.
  • Her friend: Did I hear someone say Sherlock? *Flails*
  • Me: *Stares after them wishing to have gotten their URLs.*

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My mom just told me that she thinks Benedict Cumberbatch is ugly. I am now thoroughly convinced that I must have been adopted, because there’s no way I can be related to her now. D:

Is there any way this man is anything other than completely perfect?

Does my mom just have really…

This person is my hero!

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CHRIS!! *cries in corner* best group of that show for sure!

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